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Frequently asked questions about our program

Yes, our minimum down payment amount is set at $12,000 or 4% of the purchase price

Savings, RRSPS, other investments or as a gift from family

Our all-in-one home ownership solution will be able to help you out, even if you are declined a traditional mortgage

Absolutely, our rent to own program was designed to help families or individuals own homes even with bad credit

Yes, but bankruptcy needs to be discharged before entering our program. If two bankruptcies in the past we require a higher down payment, usually 10%+ of the purchase price.

Yes, our rent to own program is a homeownership solution for individuals or families with a previous or current consumer proposal.

We do require a combined household income of $40,000+ to be pre-qualified.

Absolutely, we take into account all sources of your income.

Possibly, we recommend applying as every client is different. We do recommend having at least 2 sources of income.

Depending on how responsive you are, we can get you into a home within 30-60 days.

Absolutely, after approval you will be matched with our Top Realtor in your area and signed up for property listings. We do have geographical boundaries and it is important to stay within those areas.

Absolutely, however we will ask your Realtor to become a member of our “Dream Team.” We only work with the best and will encourage him/her to join our rapidly growing team.

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