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Damaged Credit

Don’t let your credit situation get in the way of your dreams

Don't let Damaged Credit Stop You From Becoming A Homeowner

Our program helps people across Canada buy their own home and regardless of their current or past situation. Our program is designed to set you up for success and achieve your dreams of complete homeownership, even when the banks say no.

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Don't Let Credit Hold
You Down

Over the last several years, Canada’s economy has fluctuated up and down, creating a strain on Canadians across the country. Rising prices, insurance rates, food proces, electricity and water bills have left more Canadians living paycheque to paycheque than ever before. Credit cards have become a default form of payment for everyday items, leaving many canadians wondering how they are ever going to afford a home, let alone pay for it.

“Bruised Credit” has become a term all to familiar for canadians and people’s ability to get approved for a mortgage with a history of bad credit has completely changed. The good news is that even with a bad credit rating, Rent Live Own can still help you acieve your dreams of homeownership.

A Simple, Guided Process

The process of buying a home should not be scary or overwhelming. With our program, it CAN be painless and easy. Rent Live Own aims to help you get into a home that best fits your lifestyle even when the banks say no.

If you’re considering applying for our program with bruised credit, be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Your current monthly income
  • Length of employment at your current job
  • Length of time you have lived at your current address
  • If required, is there someone who can act as a cosigner?
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Once your application is received, the Rent Live Own team will work with you every step of the way to get you into a new home. Utilizing our trusted network of real estate agents and dream supporters coupled with their years of expertise, we can get you into a new home fast. We believe everyone deserves to own their own home, and your credit situation shouldn’t hold you back.

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