Measurements & Details

Floor Area: 1,150 Sqft

Lot Size: 66 Feet Width x 132 Feet D

Parking Space: 6 Vehicles

  • 1 Bathroom
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Kitchen &Dining
  • Living Room
  • Basement
  • Shed

Pricing Information

Purchase Price: $235,000

About The Property

Waking up in this property will make your mornings extra special!

We’re telling you, as soon as you made that coffee at 7 A.M., go straight to the back of the house, sit, and just enjoy what’s in front of you. This 2-storey single-family property has a deep lot backed onto a river. With trees and grass surrounding the property, we mean, really, that’s the kind of nature view we all need to see first thing in the morning. Maybe even a place to have some deep talks at night as well. This is just the right home to have if you need a spot right outside your house where you can just relax, think, write in your journal, read, or listen to music while having nature in front of you.

This property at Chelmsford, Ontario, has 1,150 sqft, a mix of laminate, carpet, and vinyl roll-out flooring, with 3 beds and 1 bath, although an additional bed and bath in the basement will be great too. It also has a poured concrete foundation basement that is only eight years old, a mix of new in-floor heat in the basement, as well as a natural gas furnace that heats the main floor and upstairs, an AC, and 6 parking spaces.

And because of its very central location, you will never have to worry about driving your kids miles for schools or for some grocery shopping. The property is also within walking distance from the city parks and community centers.

So what are you waiting for? Get pre-qualified now before someone else does. 😉

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