Measurements & Details

Total Living Space: 2500 Sqft

Lot Size: 60 Feet Width x 100 Feet D

Parking Space: 7 Vehicles

  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dining
  • Living Room
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Pool

Pricing Information

Purchase Price: Less Than $465,000

About The Property

“Grandma, grandpa, we’re finally going to move into a new house!”

You said as you picture this 2,500 sqft single-property with an in-law suite sitting in the best neighbourhood in Capreol, Ontario. You now imagine how fun it will be to finally have enough space for your 2 siblings, parents, and your grandparents. With its 7 parking spaces, you’ll have some extra parking spaces for when your aunties and uncles come over. Imagine what bedroom you should pick from the three you have on the upper unit and how your parents and grandparents will stay on the lower unit– so that they will not have a hard time climbing up the stairs.

You realized how you and your family can have a little bit of independence while still having adults downstairs. With your own large L-shaped kitchen with solid wood cabinets and laminate countertop- well, you may still depend on your mom on this one, but you’ll have the freedom to make your own favourite pasta.

On Friday night, when movie nights are on schedule, you go downstairs to your vast living room. Your mom came from the basement holding the laundry while your dad parked in the garage, just in time for the movie.

And the next day, you invited your friends to swim in the pool outside your house. You smiled at the thought and can’t help but feel excited.

And because this property has no extensive repair needed, you’re ready to move in next week.

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