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Providing Home Ownership Solutions 

Providing Home Ownership solutions to hard working Canadians who are looking to own the home of their dreams and join the 9 million Canadians who enjoy the benefits of Home Ownership everyday

People We Can Help

Bad Credit?

A low credit score should never interfere with your hopes of owning a house. We want to make sure you have that opportunity.


Hard-working entrepreneurs shouldn't have to sacrifice their housing dreams for success. We want to make it possible to do both.

New to Canada?

Welcome to Canada, we can help you overcome the obstacle of owning a home without having established credit.


Don't let a bad divorce stop you from having a home of your own. Allow us to help you get the place you deserves

Recently Bankrupt or Consumer Proposal?

Everybody deserves a second change in life, especially when it means a place to lay your head and call your own.

High Debt Ratios?

High debt service ratios are holding many Canadians back from homeownership. Our program gives you the time and education you need to pay off debt and become “mortgage ready” while you live in your own home.

Let’s Get The Application Process Started

How It Works

Why Choose Us

We can help you own a home anywhere in Canada.

Your fixed monthly payments will never increase and you are not locked into any contracts.

Lawyers and official legal agreements are involved every step of the way to keep everyone safe, accountable and aware of what’s happening. No surprises.

Our lease is flexible around your needs and financial situation to make sure it suits your future goals and ambitions.

Bad credit buyers are still approved, especially when we have dream supports that are ready to help you get.

Our network of trusted realtors can’t wait to support your dream and help you find the house you love at the price you need.

Renovations and property maintenance is under your control and you can make your future home exactly how you imagined.

There is no such thing as a wrong question and our team is available to schedule a call or meeting any time you have problems.

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What Our Clients Have to Say


Most exciting part about working towards our home ownership is that we know that we are being set up for success beyond those years after the partnership with Rent Live Own comes to an end. We are happy with the continued support we have received throughout this whole process and look forward to our future and home ownership.

Painless Process

The application process was painless and stress free. Knowing from the start we were getting the support before fully engaging in the Rent Live Own process. Knowing you have people on your side for your families best interest has made a huge difference in our lives.

Rent Live Own Gave Us The Opportunity

The challenges of becoming a homeowner is that all financial situations need to be perfect. Sometimes those types of things in life aren’t always perfect. Rent Live Own has given us an opportunity to live in a home and work toward full ownership. Allowing flexibility and understanding to allow us to own our home

A New Path Towards Home Ownership

Rent Live Own gave me the chance I needed to become a Home Owner. Although I struggled with high debt in the past, I am excited to be going down a new path and working towards home ownership. Sometimes another chance is all you need


Our business model is always based on 
honesty, integrity and flexibility.

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