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We help deserving Canadian’s become Homeowners through our Rent Live Own Homeownership Program.

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We Say YES When The
Banks Say NO

Are you frustrated with the home buying process? Have you been denied by the big banks? Is your credit rating bruised? Tired of Renting? Stop paying down your Landlord’s mortgage and put that hard earned money back in your pocket. 

Stop worrying about your current situation and start enjoying your life as a homeowner without the qualification headaches of major lenders. Our program allows you to get into the home of your dreams now, repair your credit, and open an entirely new chapter of homeownership in your life.


If Any Of The Following Apply To You We Can Help!

Find our how our Lease Purchasing Program can help any of these situations

Stop Paying Someone Else's Mortgage And Start Your Journey To Financial Freedom

Complete our 5 minute application and get approved for homeownership fast.


"The challenges of becoming a homeowner is that all financial situations need to be perfect. Sometimes those types of things in life aren't always perfect.-Rent Live Own has given us an opportunity to live in a home and work toward full ownership. Allowing flexibility and understanding to allow us to own our home."
"We were living in a situation of basically being house broke. Rent Live Own is giving our family the opportunity of owning our home. Allowing us to make it ours. Allowing us to put our financial situation where it needs be with support throughout the organization."

" The application process was painless and stress free. Knowing from the start we were getting the support before fully engaging in the Rent Live Own process. Knowing you have people on your side for your families best interest has made a huge difference in our lives."

"Most exciting part about owning our own home or working towards our home ownership is that we know that we are being set up for success beyond those years after the partnership with Rent Live Own comes to an end. We are happy with the continued support we have received throughout this whole process and look forward to our future and home ownership."
"My advice for those who are looking to own a home but might do not quite fit the criteria of the Banking Institutions is... there is a way to home ownership. No matter what; seek the help and advice. Heed the advice and work the plan set in place. The plan to home ownership will carry through every aspect of your life. Don't live beyond your means .. live within your means."
" I was very skeptical at first. it seemed too good to be true. But after contacting Zach and CPI through the steps we had our home within 4 weeks of starting the process. I am so happy we took a chance. Zach and his team are amazing and what they do to help families is simply wonderful. We will be forever grateful. "
"I am a new investor in Rent Live Own. My initial experience was so positive that I purchased another property, and now have two properties on the go. The team at Rent Live Own are fantastic people to work with. They have guided me through every step of the process and are quick to respond to any questions. Rent Live Own has a solid network of mortgage connections, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, and home inspection services to depend on (if I need them) while I am still free to choose my own. The people they have chosen to refer have been incredibly easy to work with and, in my case, very patient. If I could, I would purchase another property."

Stop paying someone else’s mortgage and start your journey to financial freedom

Complete our 5 minute application and get approved for homeownership fast.